Rolling Up Your Paperless Towels

Rolling Up Your Paperless Towels - Stella & Sol Sustainables
     Rolling up your Paperless Towels is very easy. Follow the list below and accompanying images, and you'll have your towels ready to go in no time. 
1. Lay all of your towels out in a pile (or you can take them directly from folded to rolling.) This will ensure easy access when rolling them up. 
2. Lay one towel out, then place the next one slightly overlapping the first. 
3. Begin rolling, taking care that the first towel is tightly around the paper towel tube.
4. Continue rolling, making sure each new sheet is overlapped slightly with the one before it. 
5. Finish rolling up your paperless towels, and place them anywhere you'd put your paper towels. 
6. Enjoy!
Don't have any paperless towels of your own? Find some here!