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About Me

Behind the Brand

Hey there, friend! 

    I’m Meagen (she/her/hers), and I love helping people make sustainable swaps in their lives without sacrificing convenience (because life is hard, man. Convenience just needs to win out sometimes.) But just because you’re running around being fabulous and absolutely killing it, doesn’t mean that your convenience needs to be wasteful. That’s where Stella & Sol comes in. 

    I make reusable alternatives to disposables in your home, and I want to help you save the planet one swap at a time. That sound great? Thought so. 

Know what’s even better? These one-time investments will save you money in the long run as well as slashing your carbon footprint down to size. I believe that everyone can do something to make their lives more sustainable, and I want to help you ease that transition as best I can. 

Anne-Marie Bonneau said “We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly,” and this rings true to the core of my being. 

As a person with anxiety (I see you), the thought of having to do everything and do it perfectly will leave me paralyzed, meaning I’m gonna do none of it. But doing something, one small step– that’s do-able. (Interested in learning about more small steps for zero waste? Check out my blog, where I share the pretty, and not so pretty experiences, of reducing waste.)

I started to dip my toe into sustainability in 2016 when I started making cloth tissues for our house. As a teacher, I get mildly sick in October and it goes away about April, and the school tissues are no joke. They hurt. I made up some cloth tissues that soothed my nose, and that led me down a path to crunchiness that I’ve never returned from (nor do I have any intention of doing so). 

Giving back is part of my mission at Stella & Sol, so I donate 10% of my profits each month to local and national non-profits. I have donated silicone menstrual cups to a local shelter to help combat period poverty. Menstrual cups will last for years, and those who receive them won't have to pay for necessities that they may otherwise have to forego.

When I’m not creating adorable sustainable products for your house or sharing actionable snippets of zero waste on my blog, you can find me cuddled on my couch lost in a good book, probably not too far from something sweet. Harry Potter is a foundational part of my identity (where are my fellow Slytherins?), and I daydream about being able to add an energetic little pug to our house.

Are you just starting your Zero Waste journey? Head over here ( to snag your Zero Waste Beginner's Guide and checklist.

Want to check out more about me and Stella & Sol? Check me out @StellaandSol on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest