Folding Your Reusable Tissues

Folding Your Reusable Tissues - Stella & Sol Sustainables

Reusable Tissues are a great way to cut down on the amount of tissues you use each year. Use them like you would regular tissues, then throw them in the laundry instead of the trash. Once you've washed them, though, how do you fold them up so they pop out like the store-bought ones?

1. Lay them out in a pile for easy access. Lay your first one out flat.



2. Fold this tissue in half and press down to create a slight crease. This is where you're going to line up your next tissue.

3. Place your next tissue down right along that crease. 

4. Fold the first tissue down over the second.

5. Place the next tissue down, lining it up with the end of the first. Then, simply continue doing this until you've folded all your tissues back up. 

6. Enjoy the fact that you've just reduced your waste, and your nose thanks you for it. 

Don't have any reusable tissues of your own? Find them here!